Diamond engraving laser for
the most complex applications

SL Diamond – Micro laser engraving of the highest precision for diamonds

With the new SL Diamond Laser, microscopic engravings can be applied on the rondiste of a diamond. 

SL Diamond

Diamond laser inscription machine

The intricate engravings are primarily for identification purposes and are fully abrasion-proof and permanent. Thanks to the high-quality laser beam and the short reaction time with very little heat generation, the cut, purity, colour and stone weight are not affected in any way.

Benefits at a glance

  • Diamond engraving laser for the most complex applications with a high-quality laser beam
  • Minimal beam diameter
  • Simple, intuitive software
  • Long service life and low power consumption
  • Maintenance-free 

FiberScan series: engraving laser
for professional applications

FiberScan Eco efficient all-rounder

The FiberScan series is the variable and professional range of engraving lasers from Siro Lasertec for the jewellery industry as well as for industrial applications and production. The three different systems meet the highest demands and laser individual pieces as well as small batches reliably and quickly.

All FiberScan models are supplied with our own specially developed software.

Gravurlaser Fiberscan Eco von Siro Lasertec

Fiberscan Eco / SQ / HQ

Reliable fibre technology for your engravings

The FiberScan Eco is our best-selling entry-level unit. Thanks to the various performance classes available and its compact size, it is particularly popular among smaller workshops. Our FiberScan SQ is the perfect solution when it comes to high-precision, elaborate engraving on critical materials such as platinum. The FiberScan SQ is now essential to wedding ring manufacturers and production companies thanks to its extremely high beam quality.

Our enhanced HQ version of the FiberScan stands practically unrivalled. The HQ can laser even the most elaborate motifs into a wide range of materials, which makes it perfect for processing medical and other specialised products.

Benefits at a glance

  • Three variants available
  • Individually variable equipment
  • Different performance classes
  • Different housing types
  • 100 % made in Germany

You can find our specific casing types for the FiberScan range here

Powerful entry-level units
for high-quality engraving

SLC – top-class quality at an entry-level price

The SLC basic engraving laser makes a strong impression from the outset. The low-cost entry-level unit with standard software is supplied with an integrated protective casing, a motorised Z-axis and a rotational axis. Perfect for jewellers, goldsmiths and small workshops.

Einsteiger Gravurlaser, der SLC Pro von Siro Lasertec


SLC Pro – for those looking for a little more

The Pro version of the SLC offers even greater in-house development, with impressive features such as a built-in camera, proprietary control software and a touch panel. Our SLC engraving laser systems are the perfect entry-level marking lasers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Different power variants
  • Different laser sources
  • Large working chamber
  • Choice of different operating software
  • Compact dimensions
  • Ideal for workshops and small businesses
  • Favorable entry price
  • Protective housing included
  • No maintenance required