Compact and efficient

The SL10 is an easy-to-use laser welding system that provides barrier-free access to the working chamber thanks to the large opening at the front. As a desktop device with a very small footprint, the SL10 can be easily set up and is ready for use in no time even in very small rooms with pre-assembled furnishings. With a 5-liter water-cooling system, the SL10 is also suitable for continuous operation. The compact SL10 comes standardly equipped with an integrated HD camera, 60 W power output and a pulse frequency of up to 20 Hz. The laser parameters can be conveniently adapted to the respective welding task via the large touch display, or can be retrieved quite simply as a pre-defi ned welding program. The compact SL10 is therefore ideally suited for all laser welding tasks in a studio, a small workshop or a dental lab.