The laser can be used on all metal surfaces and materials. Be it for engraving images, logos or lettering – in small or large quantities and also for single-unit production -, laser micro engravings or 3D engravings (relief or deep), laser marking, deep engraving and rotary engraving. Even organic materials, such as leather, wood, plastic or glass, can be marked with CO² lasers.
Laser technology is indispensable for welding delicate and very small seams, whether in the context of jewelry production, dental technology, precision engineering or medical engineering. With laser welding, almost all types of metals – even those with a very high melting point – can be gently joined, directly alongside extremely heat-sensitive materials. Even metals such as titanium or stainless steel, which are usually very difficult to process, can be laser-welded without difficulty.
Laser cutting has been established in metal processing for many years, especially for extremely thin and fine cutting parts. With different laser systems we can cater for a wide variety of requirements and materials. We can solve even the most difficult tasks.